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Ed where are you?

I seemed to spend most of yesterday trying to get hold of Ed. I only wanted to let him know we were meeting at 8 o'clock instead of 7:30 as originally planned.
In any event, Jane and I arrived at the Farmer's Arms just after 8 o'clock and Mark & Amparo were already there. Sue arrived about an hour later, followed by Mac about half an hour after that. There was no sign of Ed or Lyn at all. I tried to call him earlier but, as it was 1:30, he was probably already back in the Pilot Boat. I can only assume he spent most of yesterday afternoon there and was a little to worse for it to come out in the evening. Hey-ho.
This morning Gill called, we're meeting her and Debbie & Ian over in Liverpool tomorrow night. We've decided we'll do a little shopping - hopefully we'll buy Jane's Christmas present - and have something to eat before meeting them. I'm looking forward to it already.
We're supposed to be going for a walk this afternoon but it keeps raining quite heavily.

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