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Friday, Saturday.


The train home on Thursday night was on time. This was extremely pleasing as any rail travel just before Christmas can be thwart with worries.
The luxury of a lie in on Friday morning was followed by a little diddling about with computers (mainly issuing an invoice). Then, after some general titting about we set off for Liverpool. This was the shopping expedition that never happened last week. It was a success! The main intention was to visit a store (Nature's Treasure) at The Albert Dock. Jane's niece, Sonia, had spotted it on her last visit and told us it was worth the trip. It was! Jane now owns a green amber necklace and earrings. (I didn't know amber came in any colour other than, er, amber).
A quick visit the John Lewis to buy a new pillow for Jane ended the outing.
In the evening we went to Stanley's expecting to see Ed and Lyn. They were a no-show so we popped round to the Telegraph.


Another lie in, whoopee!
In the afternoon we visited Jane's mum. She appears to be having a little bit of a relapse. She's returned to saying "Sandy", randomly. In the evening we went to Monroes for a meal. I'd add a link to their redesigned web-site but it's still under construction - 14 months after taking it over from me. I had ribs to start, a sirloin oporto with vegetables and garlic sautee potatoes and finished with pear belle hellen. We returned home about 10 o'clock and settled down to watch the final of Pop Idol that we'd recorded earlier. I don't know how Jane managed it, but she chopped off the last segment - the one with the result in! Anyway, Michelle won. Hurrah for breaking the mould.

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