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Jane and I came up with a plan for the weekend - and we managed to stick to it.
I worked from home on Friday morning and then spent some time catching up on my book keeping duties. We had sausages and mash for tea.
On Saturday, while I breakfasted, I watched some of the documentaries on the extended Lord of the Rings Two Towers DVD. When Jane got up we had (more) breakfast (bacon butties) and then set about tidying the house. This is a major task caused by the extended decorating and furniture replacement that's been going on for the last couple of months. We made a big impression on it but we still haven't finished.
In the evening we met up with Ed, Lyn, Dave, Helen, Paul and Julie at The Commercial in New Brighton. Paul and Julie were down from Scotland on their Christmas visit. Jane and I haven't seen them properly for about a year. Much beer was supped and much fun was had. It's a long time since I've been in The Commercial too. The Cains Mild was lovely. You don't get much mild served these days.
On Sunday we continued with the tidying up - and we still haven't finished.
In the evening we watched Pop Idol from the previous night. I was with the judges and expected Mark to go. I expected Chis to go next week. So, I'm not sure if the voting public are now laying heavy emphasis on looks. If they are, I think Michelle will go next week; if they're not I think it'll be Mark.

Oh yeah, and in dirty old man mode, wurrr!

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