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And another weekend disappears.

I really don't know what happens to my time these days. I appear to be in some kind of - to steal from Star Trek - temporal anomaly. I know there's still 48 hours in Saturday and Sunday yet these days they feel no more than 24.
On Friday I did a fast turn-around when I got home to ensure I got to the Pacific Centre's box office before it closed at 16:30. Guess what, it was closed when I arrived at 16:15. Ed has volunteered to rescue the beer festival tickets from their lying little hands this coming Friday. Fingers crossed, if he fails we're down to relying on them being on the door.
Ho, hum. As ever, the rest of the weekend was full of shopping and DIY. This included buying new shower fittings which Jane has decided have to go back. So, more shopping this Saturday.
Still, we spent oodles of dosh on some new rugs from John Lewis (formally George Henry Lee's) in Liverpool, had a splendid half gallon in the Swan, Wood Street and some nice Mexican nosh at El Macho's on Hope Street.

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