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A pleasing weekend.

We had a new laminate floor fitted in the lounge and hall on Wednesday. It's already showing its worth - the moggies now leave little foot marks when they come in from the garden. All of that was being trodden in to the old carpet, now it's just cleaned away with a mop.
Fitz, the alarm and 'phone man, arrived on Friday to do some initial work and give us the OK to replace the skirting boards.
Saturday saw us shopping and then visiting Jane's mum.
On the way back from visiting Pat we called in at the Pilot Boat and had a number of beers with Ed & Lyn. They wandered off to see the Wing Commander and his misses and we went to Magic Spices for our tea.
On Sunday John turned up to measure for the skirting boards. I spent the morning catching up on series 2 of Babylon 5 (series 3 is out in October) and working on the New Brighton web site. Every day I learn a little more.
I'm really pleased with EMS MySQL Manager. When I started playing with MySQL I made a point of learning how to do everything with the command line client. This was all well and fine but a bit messy when it can to editing text blob fields. The Pro version of Manager makes this really easy well as numerous other things.
The winter timetable for the trains started yesterday. For some reason my Virgin West Coast train leaves 15 minutes earlier today but gets into Watford Junction at the same time...

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