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It go "bang".

Well, actually, it just stopped.
The mainframe I work on is a Bull DPS7000 Diane (note the last paragraph). All its predecessors, like the Level 64, Level 64 DPS and all incarnations of the DPS7 & DPS7000 where stand-alone boxes as you would expect. The Diane is a different kettle of fish. With the Diane it was bye-bye to custom built hardware hello emulator. A Diane is nothing more than a twin processor Intel box running a GCOS7 emulator under NT.
All well and dandy except today two things have happened. Here, the emulator decided that there was a licensing issue and terminated itself and elsewhere the NT side of things were infected by the Blast worm*.
Bull technical support tried to tell us our problem is due to the worm, but it isn't because the anti-virus signatures are up to date. Latest theory is that there has been a hardware change that has caused the key to become invalid. As far as we're aware nothing has been installed or removed. Hmmm.
Meanwhile, the one member of our team that works on a GCOS8** box is casting caustic comments our way. He's never liked GCOS7 and will take every opportunity to put it down. His big, stand alone, custom-built 8 bit box is still chugging away.
Oh joy, I may be going home early tomorrow!

* If you'd told me, five years ago, that I wouldn't be able to work on a GCOS7 machine because of a virus I would have laughed all the way to the system console.

** GCOS7 is not an earlier version of GCOS8. Confusing or what? This information can really confuse a pimp.

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