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Olympic Airways and Demon.

They're out to get me!

Our flight from Chios to Athens on Saturday was an hour late landing. As the flight takes about 40 minutes and we only had 1 hour 45 to make our connection Olympic put us up in a very nice hotel for the evening. I forgive them for that. What I don't forgive them for is the bout of stomach cramps all 4 of us are having. As the only food we've all eaten was the in flight meal I'm blaming them.

When I arrived home yesterday from 16 wonderful nights on Chios, there was a letter waiting for me from Demon. It said that they were sorry I had cancelled my dial up account and that it would cease from 15th July. I didn't do that! When I checked on-line the ADSL connection was working but I couldn't get at my e-mail.
Chelsea, at Demon customer services, said she would sort it out for me. She called me back this afternoon and told me it was even worse than I thought. She was surprised that the ADSL connection was still working as that that had been deactivated too. She said that they'd wave the fees if I re-applied. Ha! Not likely! I'm transferring to Metronet. This is the second time Demon have cocked the account up big time and I don't trust them any more. It's a pity because, unlike some of their other customers, I've been very happy with the service over the last 10 years.

Stonking holiday though...

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