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While waiting for the bus this morning I was musing over what certain pieces of music remind me of. This was prompted by Sarah Kennedy saying that they wanted to play Pretzel Logic, by Steely Dan, but couldn't find it.

Can't buy a thrill reminds me of the hot summer in 1976. Specifically, from that album, I remember being in the back of DaJo's car driving down Magazine Lane late at night with Reeling in the years blasting away. Do it again reminds me of MaPa at the record stall in the market hall one Saturday. He wanted a copy of the single as he didn't like the plastic organ solo on the album track.

Katie Lied reminds me of the middle room in the Albion Hotel, though I don't know why. It also reminds me of RiFi's music room where I first saw and heard it. This was also the room where I first heard I believed in Farther Christmas and it's B-Side Humbug.

My old school, from Pretzel Logic, reminds me of some party at the Chelsea Reach. I don't remember what the party was for but AnMa asked the DJ to play the track.

Hey-ho, back to work.

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