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As ever, the best of intentions just fade away.
I've been very busy over the last couple of weeks. Up to last week I had two mind boggling changes to make at work. Each relating to 30 Hour disregards in the Benefits calculations. The theory of the changes is relatively easy but the practice was a little different.
Anyway, they finally went to bed last Thursday morning.

When I wasn't actually working for a living I was trying to continue with the New Brighton Postcards site. Visible progress is slow and, in fact, isn't visible at all on the site itself, but I'm still learning a lot. This includes discovering actually how many cards there are out there, along with the strangeness of the subjects and how much they can cost. I've spent a lot of money on eBay recently; my favourite two wins so far are: The evangelist beach scene and New Brighton peer, 90 years ago. I also found it amusing that one of the sellers was our ex-butcher's son (and he used to work in the shop occasionally).

I've also been trying to organise Jane's birthday holiday. This was, originally, going to be two weeks in a villa in Italy. Something we've both wanted to do for a long time. However, when we'd finally decided on where we were going Jane declared it would cost too much. When asked what she wished to do in stead, Jane didn't know.
Desperate for ideas, and having a good inkling of what Jane actually likes (rather than what she thinks she's going to like) I did some googling. A search based around accommodation in Greece revealed Elysian Holidays. Further investigation found Zorbas Apartments on the island of Chios. This took nearly two weeks to arrange. I then had to arrange flights. There is no direct flight to Chios from the UK, the only way to get there is to fly to Athens and then on to the island or to fly to a neighbouring island and then take the ferry. I finally tracked down some flights from Heathrow to the island, flying out at 20 past mid-day and arriving at 20:05. This, of course, meant that we needed to travel out on the Friday otherwise our first Saturday would be wasted. That, in turn, meant another talk to Elysian Holidays to organise the extra day.
As an aside, the Olympic Airways UK site could do with a major overhaul. It appears to be stuck in the early days of the web. It's possible to apply for a flight at the site but doesn't actually allow you to book it. You receive an email detailing the flight along with a request for your card number, its expiry date and an address. Send that via an unencrypted email - not me! Thankfully, the quote is also valid via the 'phone so I called them. I won't say anything more other than their telephone system has kept pace with their web site.
The upshot of all this is that we are off to Chios is July for 15 nights.

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