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I should be on a train now.

Yesterday afternoon everything was going swimmingly. Then, at about 12:30, I suddenly had an attack of stomach cramps. At first I thought it was trapped wind (why I thought this I've no idea, because I've never suffered from it before). However, 6 hours and 3 doses of Gaviscon later, I was still suffering. Initially the pain was from my left side to my right, just below the rib cage. By 6:30 this had reduced to just the centre. But my, did it hurt. Severe cramps that wouldn't go away no matter what I did.
Jane called the out-of-hours doctors’ service and we waited for a callback. It appears there are a number of bugs about at the moment, all with colic style symptoms. I was told to take paracetomol, drink plenty of fluids and rest. I had a terrible night, waking every 2 or 3 hours with severe pains. It's subsided now but I feel shattered.
I called work to say I wouldn't be in today. I'm unlikely to go in tomorrow either unless, by some miracle, I feel better by teatime tonight.

I don't do ill - the occasional cold maybe, but that's normally it. I've only felt this bad once since leaving school.

Wanders off, looking for sympathy (as I'm told men do).

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